Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Review

dyson cinetic big ball animal review

We reviewed the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal and Allergy vacuum cleaners in this review. We found that this vacuum cleaner worked very well for small debris and pushed larger debris to one side. However, it was noisy. It is important to consider the noise level when purchasing a vacuum, since it may cause noise allergies. For that reason, we did not recommend this product for those who are sensitive to noise.

Dyson Cinetic technology

In this Dyson Cinetic big ball animal review, we examine the effectiveness of this barrel vacuum cleaner. This cleaner is better than a conventional vacuum because of its streamlined design and ball technology. Instead of falling to the floor, it steers around obstacles with ease. The streamlined body also prevents snagging. This vacuum is more powerful than many other vacuum cleaners in its class. Unlike conventional vacuums, you won’t have to worry about the filter being dirty.

While the Cinetic Animal is very effective at cleaning small debris, it struggled to pick up larger particles. This may be a good thing when it comes to reducing dust and allergens, but it isn’t as efficient as Dyson’s DC65 Animal Upright vacuum cleaner. The downside of this Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal is its noise level. Despite the noise level, it performs admirably for dusting.

The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal is a powerful vacuum cleaner designed for pet owners. Its ball technology and powerful suction make it a great choice for homes with cats and dogs. The ball technology is an ideal feature for the cleaner, and it even has a brush for cleaning pet hair. The machine is easy to maintain and comes with numerous tools to get the job done. And for those who prefer to vacuum without a cord, Dyson even offers cordless models.

Powerful suction

The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal vacuum cleaner comes with strong suction and an adjustable swivel neck for cleaning up messes in difficult spaces. Its lightweight design and swivel neck make it a great choice for average-sized homes. Although it lacks the Cinetic technology and other features, it has A+ materials and a strong suction. The unit also has a large dirt bin and quick-release tools that make it easy to clean up messes in the most difficult places.

The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal features a large canister and strong suction. The canister also has a redesigned air channel that reduces turbulence while picking up more dust, pet hair, and allergens. The carbon fiber turbine head captures microscopic particles as they move through the air channels. Because it has a ball design, it doesn’t have clogged filters.

The Cinetic Big Ball Animal canister vacuum is a corded version of the DC39 Animal. It features a longer power cord and a shorter maximum reach. The power cord is also longer, which means it can clean bigger spaces with ease. The Cinetic Big Ball is also more durable than the Cyclone V10 Absolute, despite its lightweight design and smaller dirt compartment. Both machines are highly recommended for all types of surfaces.

Handheld mode

If you have allergies, the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Plus Allergy Vacuum Cleaner is ideal for you. Its whole-machine HEPA filtration system will help eliminate allergens during vacuuming. The cyclonic action also helps you clean hard-to-reach areas, such as rugs and upholstery. With a power cord length of five metres, the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is perfect for small flats.

This vacuum has multiple attachments that make cleaning your pets a breeze, including the Dog Groom tool and a tangle-free turbine tool. This vacuum also includes two separate cleaning tools for floors: a carbon fibre turbine head and stiff nylon bristles. It is effective for carpeting with low to medium pile and on non-carpeted surfaces. The handheld mode allows you to stay in an upright position while cleaning, which is ideal for those with back pain.

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The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal is similar to the DC65 Animal in many ways. It has a lowered center of gravity and is self-righting. It has an articulating hose handle that allows it to rotate 360 degrees, so the hose does not tangle. If you’re allergic to dust, the handheld mode is best for you. You’ll be able to easily clean a pet’s fur, as well as dust, with the patented Cinetic Air Cleaner.

Allergy attachments

The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal and Allergy vacuum cleaners both come with 5-year warranties. The machines use two layers of cyclones on the dust canister, with smaller cyclones on the top. This combination provides superior filtration, even if the dust canister is not HEPA-certified. This machine comes with a convenient carrying case. The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal and Allergy are great for any room in your home.

The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Allergy vacuum cleaner comes with cleaning tools, including a soft brush for crevices. In addition to the brush, the vacuum also comes with a multi-angle brush, mattress tool, and reach tool. The hose is corded, so you must plug it in before you begin cleaning. And of course, empty the collection bin to prevent the vacuum from creating more mess than you can handle.

Although the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal and Allergy vacuum is an excellent choice for allergy sufferers, it doesn’t stand up to top-tier competition. It’s a great vacuum for removing pet hair and other allergens, but it’s hard to justify paying a $300 premium over the competition. Even if it were worth the extra money, the machine simply won’t live up to expectations.

Corded version

The Corded version of the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal is a good option if you want a canister vacuum that is easy to maintain. The dirt bin is plastic, which makes it easy to discard a lot of dirt. However, this vacuum is rather heavy and does not do a great job of picking up large debris. You will also have a hard time vacuuming pet hair with it, but it does have a number of attachments.

The corded Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal comes with a flexible hose, a cleaning tool, and an instant release wand. In addition to the hose, the Animal comes with an instruction manual and a warranty for five years. While the corded version of the Cinetic Big Ball Animal is the same as the cordless model, it has some additional accessories. The Animal+Allergy has a multi-angle brush, soft brush, and mattress tool.

The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal has a powerful suction of 250 air watts. The old DC39 has an older design and air filtration technology, so the newer Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal can get more done. The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal has a longer power cord – twenty-one feet. The Cinetic has a longer reach than its predecessor, and the corded version comes with a longer cleaning hose with a 35-foot (10.7-meter) length.


The Cinetic Big Ball Animal Allergy and the DC65 Animal are Dyson’s filterless vacuums. The Allergy sells for $700 while the Animal is priced at $550. Dyson’s Cinetic series is only available on QVC for the time being and will begin selling the machines on the company’s website on March 1st. As of this writing, there are no prices for the US or Australia.

Although the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Allergy is cutting edge technology, it doesn’t stand out enough to justify its price. While it may look and feel like a futuristic vacuum, it doesn’t outshine the competition. Its design and performance are incomparable with those of top-tier vacuum cleaners. If you want a top-tier animal vacuum, you’ll be better off going with the DC65 Animal Upright.

The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal’s suction is okay on low-pile carpet, but it struggles with pet hair and larger debris. If you have a lot of sand or baking soda, you’ll have a tough time cleaning it. Sand tends to get caught in the brush head’s wheels, which produces more static. If you have a lot of sand or pet hair, the Ball Animal will clean the carpet better. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to