It can be an annoying experience when your Dyson airwrap stops working mid-style. But don’t fret – we have you covered.

Your device may shut off if it gets too hot or the filter is dirty. Fortunately, this issue is easy to resolve.

1. Overheating

Dyson Airwrap is an amazing tool that makes styling your hair easy. Its advanced technology harnesses the ‘Coanda effect’, producing sleek, silky locks with lasting health. Unfortunately, like all devices, problems can arise that cause your Dyson Airwrap to stop working unexpectedly.

One of the primary reasons your Dyson Airwrap keeps shutting off is due to overheating. This usually stems from clogged air ducts, so cleaning them is usually the first step in resolving this issue.

Another possible explanation is a dirty filter that needs cleaning. Dirty filters can obstruct airflow through your Dyson Airwrap’s ducts and prevent it from functioning optimally.

If your Dyson Airwrap filter is dirty, it’s essential to clean it promptly in order to restore proper operation of the machine. Thankfully, this task can be accomplished easily enough with the brush provided by Dyson.

Once the filter has been cleaned, insert it back into your Dyson Airwrap and secure it securely. Next, plugging the device into a wall outlet should verify its functioning properly.

Additionally, you should avoid overusing your Dyson Airwrap. Doing so can put undue strain on the digital motor and cause it to wear out prematurely.

It’s best to set the Airwrap on low or medium settings and wait about ten minutes before using it again. Doing this allows the digital motor to cool down and prevent unexpected shutting off.

If you’re not sure if the issue with your Dyson Airwrap stems from a dirty filter or something else entirely, contact Dyson customer service for assistance. They can diagnose what’s wrong with the unit and give instructions on how to return it for repair or replacement.

Never attempt to use your Dyson Airwrap without its filter cage and mesh filter installed. Doing so increases the risk of clogged air filters inside the device, which could result in other issues such as overheating.

2. Dirty Filter

If your Dyson airwrap keeps shutting off, it could be due to a dirty filter. This is usually the cause of why it stops working and so it is essential that you regularly clean your airwrap filters in order to keep them functioning optimally.

Your Dyson airwrap filter traps dust, dirt, and other impurities in the air so they don’t make it through to your home. However, when this filter becomes dirty it can lead to a variety of issues like reduced airflow and decreased performance.

A dirty filter can also result in higher energy costs due to its need to work harder than usual to draw the same amount of air through.

Dirty filters can clog your air ducts, causing Dyson airwrap to overheat and activate its thermal cutoff.

Overheating can be detrimental to both you and your Dyson airwrap, so it’s essential that you address this problem promptly.

Your Dyson airwrap can be cleaned using the provided small brush. This will eliminate any dust or hair from the vents and allow your machine to return to its original airflow.

Altering the filter on your Dyson airwrap is a cinch. It only takes a few minutes to complete, and it’s essential that you never use your Dyson without a clean filter installed.

Furthermore, cleaning the air filter on your Dyson airwrap will improve airflow and speed up styling time. This is especially important if you use it frequently or have poor indoor air quality in your home.

Once a week, clean the air filter on your Dyson airwrap to avoid it becoming clogged and causing issues with the product. Additionally, you should clean the mesh filter once every month in order to keep it free from hair or other debris accumulation.

If your Dyson airwrap keeps turning off and flashing red or white, it could be due to a dirty filter. This is one of the most common causes of this problem and should be resolved quickly. If you’re still having issues with your airwrap, contact an experienced technician for further assistance.

3. Damaged Cord

Your Dyson airwrap is the styling tool you can count on to leave your hair looking and feeling great. That’s why it’s essential that it functions optimally, without breaking down or failing completely.

When your Airwrap doesn’t function, the first thing to check is its power cord or plug. This connects your device to a wall socket and supplies it with electricity; if damaged in any way, it won’t be able to supply enough juice to your device.

It’s also essential to inspect the wires on a cord or plug to make sure they aren’t twisted together and preventing your device from functioning properly. If they are, you will need to replace them with new ones.

Additionally, inspect the plug to make sure it’s securely connected to an outlet and free of any tears or rips. A damaged cord could cause your device to shut off unexpectedly or even start a fire.

Another possible reason your Dyson Airwrap may be turning off is due to overheating. This issue can occur if the filter becomes dirty or you leave it on for an extended period without taking breaks to cool down.

To prevent this from occurring, regularly clean your Dyson Airwrap’s filter. This can be done by shaking or tapping it to release clogs and running water to rinse it thoroughly.

However, if you can’t clean your filter regularly or it has become clogged, contact Dyson customer service for further assistance. They will assist in filing a warranty claim and replacing your device at no additional cost.

The final and most likely cause of your device turning off is that either the circuit breaker has tripped or the wall socket itself is malfunctioning. Circuit breakers are designed to automatically trip when they detect an issue with wiring or power plug connections, so make sure your devices are plugged into a working outlet or circuit breaker. Alternatively, you may contact an electrician to inspect your electrical system for potential issues.

4. Power Issues

If your Dyson airwrap keeps shutting off, there could be a power issue. This can be caused by several things. Check that both the power cord and plug are in good working condition and not damaged in any way; if so, then you will need to replace them.

The next step you should take is to inspect the wall socket and circuit breaker for damage. If these are not functioning properly, then you will need to have them repaired by a qualified professional.

Your Dyson airwrap is an incredibly powerful device, requiring a steady supply of power to function correctly. To guarantee this happens, make sure the unit is plugged into an electrical wall socket with 110-120 volts voltage and check that your circuit breaker hasn’t tripped yet.

Finally, make sure the filter on your Dyson airwrap is clean and free from debris. Doing this can prevent the device from overheating or shutting off unexpectedly.

The Dyson airwrap is designed to work with various attachments, so make sure they’re all securely fastened before use. Additionally, make sure you select the correct brush and setting for your hair type.

Additionally, keep your airwrap away from walls and other objects that could obstruct vents. Furthermore, regularly cleaning the filter helps prevent it from becoming clogged with dirt and particles.

If your Dyson airwrap keeps shutting off, it could be due to clogged air ducts in your home. This will cause airflow to become turbulent and cause your Dyson airwrap to stop working altogether.

The Coanda effect is a technology developed by Dyson that allows their airwrap to grip and wrap your hair quickly. This causes a fast-moving jet of air to travel over your locks, attaching itself due to pressure differences. The end result? Smooth, salon-quality results with minimal heat damage.

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