Why Does My Dyson Hair Dryer Keep Cutting Out?

why does my dyson hair dryer keep cutting out

If your Dyson hair dryer keeps cutting out, you may have several causes. You may be experiencing excessive heat, the motor technology is poor, or the Heater is too heavy. In either case, you can follow these tips to make your Dyson dryer last as long as possible. Read on to find out how to solve your problem. This article will give you a step-by-step process to solve the problem.

Excessive heat

If your Dyson hair dryer has been shutting off because of excessive heat, it may be due to a problem with the internal hardware. In some cases, a manufacturing defect could cause the heating element to overheat and fail, which can be caused by a dirty filter. Another possible cause of excessive heat is a blocked filter cage. To fix this problem, you can check the filter cage and the filter of your hair dryer. If you find that the problem persists, you can contact the manufacturer for a free repair. If the problem is not resolved after cleaning the filter, you can try cleaning the unit’s grilles.

If you continue to use your Dyson hair dryer and it continues to cut out due to excessive heat, you should try adjusting the temperature. The temperature of your hair is an important factor in drying it, and if the temperature is too high, your hair will not receive the maximum benefits from the appliance. Dyson claims that it has tested its products on different types of hair and developed several different attachments to make the process easier. It is recommended that you read the user’s manual carefully before using your hair dryer.

Another common cause of excessive heat is damage to your hair. Using conventional hair dryers can damage your hair, causing it to become brittle and fall out. But the Dyson Supersonic(tm) hair dryer uses intelligent heat control to keep your hair temperature in check and prevent extreme damage. The machine features a patented double-stacked heating element that reduces the risk of heat damage.

Motor technology

The Dyson hair dryer uses advanced heat-control motor technology to regulate the temperature of the airflow. Excessive heat is bad for natural hair, because it damages the surface texture and resiliency. Overheating can also leave your hair looking dull and lifeless. For this reason, Dyson engineers added heat sensors to the device. These sensors measure the airflow’s temperature and relay readings to the main microprocessor 20 times per second. This means the Dyson hair dryer is always using the optimum speed to keep the temperature within safe limits.

The Dyson hair dryer’s digital motor runs at 110,000 rpm, six times faster than other motors. This powerful motor, whose weight is only half that of other hair dryers, can also measure the air temperature 20 times a second. This ensures the temperature is kept within a certain range and is safe for sensitive skin. The motor technology has many benefits. For example, the motor will last twice as long as a standard hair dryer.

The Dyson Supersonic is the most technologically advanced hair dryer on the market. It is the result of four years of research and development, and consists of over 600 prototypes. Dyson spent PS50 million to develop the Supersonic. They also tested the hair dryer on 1,010 miles of hair. And to make sure the motor technology is perfect, Dyson engineers dropped it 1,783 times, twisted it 310,000 times and pushed buttons for 52,000 tests.

Another significant feature is its size. The Dyson motor is one inch wide, and it is positioned on the handle, rather than in the nozzle. In addition, the center of mass is located as close to the user’s hand as possible. The resulting device is lightweight and feels much less bulky than the conventional hair dryers. However, this does not mean that the Dyson is less powerful than its competitors. The motor is just one of the factors that makes the Dyson so special.

Heater’s quality

If your Dyson hair dryer keeps cutting out because of the quality of its cord, this could be caused by a few issues. One problem is that the Airwrap is only capable of holding curls for a short time. Another problem is that it flashes blue 10 times, which means that the battery is low. This can be caused by a temporary problem, or by a filter that’s not properly fitted. To fix the problem, you should first try removing the filter and cleaning it with warm water. Then, replace the thermal fuse.

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Another common cause of a Dyson hair dryer cutting out is a dirty filter. If this is the case, you should clean it thoroughly. A dirty filter can cause excessive heat, which can cause the motor to shut off. If you cannot clean the filter, contact the manufacturer or the Dyson customer service department and they should be able to fix the issue free of charge. After cleaning the filter, the Dyson hair dryer should be working fine again.

Another cause of a Dyson hair dryer cutting out is overheating. Sometimes, this happens due to excessive heat or lack of ventilation. The thermal fuse shuts off the motor when the machine reaches a certain temperature. To prevent this from happening, you should take a break every now and then. When you do, make sure to activate the cold air button to prevent the components from overheating or activating the circuit breaker. You should also check the air duct for any obstructions. If necessary, you can wipe the grilles with a lint-free cloth.

If you are looking for a new hair dryer, a Dyson Supersonic can be an excellent choice. This dryer has the highest heat setting and will dry your hair in half the time. Additionally, it features high speed and is safe to use when there are small children around. Another bonus is that the Heat Shield technology will keep the nozzle cool even while you’re using the dryer. If you’re looking for a Dyson hair dryer, you should be able to find one at Sephora starting in September 2016.


If you use a Dyson hair dryer and find that the machine suddenly cuts out, it may be because of weight or a technological issue. There are a few things you can do to fix your Dyson hair dryer. First, make sure that you unplug the appliance from the main power socket. If it still does not work, then you should check the cords. If you find any, you can replace them. In case this does not solve the problem, you can contact the company for a replacement.

One of the main problems with Dyson hair dryers is the weight. They weigh more than the average hair dryer, so they are not suited for small hair. In order to solve this problem, you can try using another dryer. Make sure to keep the weight low. You can also use a lighter one to dry your hair quickly. However, make sure to remove the batteries. Then, you can use it safely.

Another problem is the weight. Most hair dryers are large and bulky, so the weight can cause issues. You should also make sure to take the correct size. A Dyson Supersonic dryer should be no bigger than your hand. It should also weigh less than one kilogram. A good Dyson should also be balanced. Conventional dryers are uncomfortable and may cause arm pain. You should make sure that you choose a hair dryer that will give you the best results.

If you feel that your Dyson hair dryer is too bulky or too light, you should get another one. Many people have the same problem with this device and the problem with the weight is due to its weight. However, you can always get a lighter version. There are several other models of Dyson hair dryers available for sale on the internet. You can also contact the company and have them replace your model.

Magnetic attachments

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