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Why Won’t My Dyson Airwrap Turn On?

If your Dyson Airwrap isn’t functioning properly, there may be an underlying issue with the device. To use it properly, all necessary components must be correctly attached before use.

First and foremost, make sure your power supply is working properly. Without electricity, the device won’t turn on.

Power supply

If you’re one of the many Dyson Airwrap owners, you may have noticed your hair styling device occasionally shutting off without warning. In such cases, it is essential to identify why this happens so you can find a quick fix.

Before anything else, double-check your Dyson unit’s power supply. This includes both the cord and plug that connects directly to it.

In order to operate properly, the Airwrap requires a steady source of electricity. Usually this can be obtained through your home’s wall socket or circuit breaker.

But if the power supply is malfunctioning, your Dyson Airwrap may shut off unexpectedly. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to quickly resolve this problem.

First and foremost, make sure the cord is secure and connected securely at both ends. If it appears that it may be sagging or damaged, then it may be time for a replacement cord.

Another common reason your Dyson Airwrap may stop working is if it has become overheated. This can be caused by various things such as excessive use, dirty filters and blocked airflow ducts.

The Airwrap features an internal thermal cutoff that will shut it off if it becomes overheated. This safety feature helps avoid injuries and fires caused by overheating.

If your Airwrap has become overheated, it’s wise to unplug it from its outlet and wait for it to cool. After that, plugging it back in should allow it to function normally again; however, if not, contact Dyson customer service for further assistance.

Damaged power cord

A broken power cord or plug is one of the most frequent issues that prevents your Dyson airwrap from functioning properly. This can be caused by damage in several ways, such as fraying, rips or holes to both its cord and prongs.

It’s essential to replace damaged cords as soon as possible, in order to avoid electrocuting yourself when using your appliance.

Repairing a power cord doesn’t need to be an extensive procedure as some may think. In many cases, it can be much simpler and safer than simply wrapping tape around the damaged section.

However, it’s still essential to be safe when performing electrical repairs. Be especially sure to shut off your electricity if you’re dealing with severely damaged cord.

Once the electricity has been turned off, carefully unplug and remove the cord from its outlet. Doing this helps minimize the risk of electric shock or fire by touching exposed metal wires.

When dealing with a damaged power cord, be sure to identify the color of each wire before unplugging it. Doing this will make finding the correct replacement cord much simpler.

Before beginning any repairs on your Dyson airwrap, it’s essential to unplug it and let it cool completely. Doing this helps avoid further damage and increases the chances of getting the device working again.

Once you’ve done this, it’s time to inspect the electrical board and any internal components for faults. Doing this will enable you to identify the source of your issue and decide whether fixing it is worth trying or not.

Dirty filter

Your Dyson Airwrap’s filter helps to capture dirt and dust before it enters the device, but over time this filter may become clogged and cause your Airwrap to shut down unexpectedly.

The initial step to correcting the problem is cleaning the filter. You can do this by either washing it or brushing it with provided brush. It is recommended that you do this at least once a week; however, more frequent cleaning should be done if you utilize your air filter frequently or experience poor indoor air quality in your home.

Once you have cleaned the filter, inspect other parts of your Dyson Airwrap to see if they are also dirty. Any obstructions in airflow ducts or in the filter cage could be causing your Airwrap to overheat and shut down prematurely.

A dirty filter can also lead to an increase in your energy bills. Your heating and cooling systems account for nearly half of all utility costs, so it is essential that they run optimally.

Cleaning a dirty filter on your HVAC system can improve its efficiency, saving money on monthly bills. Furthermore, it improves air quality in your home which may reduce the risk of illnesses like allergies and asthma.

If the issue persists, check the electrical board to make sure it’s functioning correctly. If that doesn’t solve it, replacing both electronic board and motor may be necessary. While this is more costly, doing so should guarantee your Airwrap remains functional for years to come.

Voltage settings

The Dyson Airwrap is an innovative hair styling tool that helps create volume, smooth hairstyles. However, occasionally the device may shut off unexpectedly while in use – leading to frustration and aggravation. Therefore, it’s essential to understand why this occurs and how to resolve it.

To resolve the problem, you’ll need to check the voltage settings on your device. These can usually be found on the main body of the product and should be set to the same voltage as your home’s power supply; however, depending on which model they may differ.

If you’re uncertain, consult your user manual or reach out to the manufacturer for more assistance. Once adjusted, try using your device again.

Though you’ll have to practice using the attachments, the Dyson Airwrap is incredibly user-friendly. Its Coanda effect uses air pressure to draw hair into the barrel of the attachments, making it easier for you to shape and straighten your tresses.

For this reason, it’s ideal for those seeking an easy-to-style hairstyle. Additionally, those with long, thick locks may find this method beneficial.

The Airwrap’s main body features a trigger that releases attachments when you switch heads, three temperature settings and an on/off power switch. Plus, it comes equipped with a filter cage that’s removable for cleaning purposes.

The Airwrap may be pricey, but it’s worth every penny for its versatility and ability to style any type of hair. Whether you want a full blowout or soft waves and curls, this versatile tool is an invaluable addition to any beauty arsenal.


The Dyson Airwrap utilizes Coanda air technology, making it a much more versatile tool than your standard blow-dryer or styling iron. With attachments designed specifically for each use, the Airwrap can rough dry hair, create curls or waves, style bangs, smooth flyaways, blow straight and even create a bouncy blowout look.

The tool consists of a base with the Dyson V9 motor, which powers all its attachments. However, the voltage used in the base differs from that used by the attachments; if set incorrectly, your Airwrap will shut off automatically.

To diagnose the source of this issue, first you need to inspect your power supply. This involves checking both the power cord and plug on your Dyson Airwrap to confirm they’re both in working order.

Damaged cords or plugs can prevent your device from working safely, and they might also lead to overheating and an automatic thermal cutoff.

Thermal cutoff occurs when your unit reaches unsafe temperatures, which could harm you or start a fire. It’s usually due to an obstruction in the air filter or ducts; therefore, you need to thoroughly clean them in order to resolve this problem.

Another common issue that could prevent your Dyson Airwrap from working is an absence of power from the wall socket. This could occur for two reasons: either the circuit breaker for your wall socket has tripped and stopped providing power to the Airwrap; or else, damage to the socket itself might have occurred – in which case calling in a professional electrician to repair it is recommended.

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