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Dyson Airwrap Complete Long Turkey

Picture this: a hair styling tool that combines the power of a hairdryer, a curling iron, and a straightener all in one sleek device. Enter the Dyson Airwrap Complete Long Turkey. With its innovative technology and versatile attachments, this game-changing hair tool effortlessly creates stunning curls, waves, and smooth locks without causing heat damage. Say goodbye to those endless hours of struggling with multiple tools and hello to effortless, salon-worthy hair in the comfort of your own home. Get ready to transform your hair game with the Dyson Airwrap Complete Long Turkey.

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What is the Dyson Airwrap Complete Long?

The Dyson Airwrap Complete Long is a revolutionary hair styling tool that combines the power of a hairdryer and the versatility of various styling attachments. It uses a unique technology called the Coanda effect to attract and wrap hair around the barrel, giving you effortless curls, waves, and volume without extreme heat or damage. This innovative device is designed to make hairstyling easier and more efficient, allowing you to achieve salon-quality results at home.

How does it work?

The Dyson Airwrap Complete Long works by utilizing the Coanda effect, which occurs when a high-velocity jet of air is suctioned against a surface, causing the surrounding air to be drawn in. The attachments of the Airwrap create a smooth, high-velocity jet of air that actively attracts and wraps the hair around the barrel, creating stunning curls, waves, and volume. This process is gentle on the hair because it doesn’t rely on extreme heat, minimizing the risk of damage and leaving the hair feeling smooth and shiny.

Features and specifications

The Dyson Airwrap Complete Long comes with several features and specifications that make it a standout hair styling tool. Here are some of the key features:

  • Coanda effect technology: The Airwrap utilizes the Coanda effect to attract and wrap hair around the barrel, creating various styles effortlessly.
  • Multiple attachments: The package includes several attachments, such as barrels for different curl sizes, a smoothing brush, a round volumizing brush, and a pre-styling dryer, allowing for versatile styling options.
  • Intelligent heat control: The Airwrap measures and regulates the temperature to prevent excessive heat damage to the hair.
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design: The device is designed to be lightweight and easy to handle, making it comfortable to use for extended periods.
  • Swivel cord and storage case: The swivel cord provides flexibility during styling, and the storage case keeps the attachments organized and protected when not in use.

Benefits of the Dyson Airwrap Complete Long

Versatile styling options

One of the major benefits of the Dyson Airwrap Complete Long is its versatility when it comes to styling options. With the different attachments provided, you can achieve a wide range of hairstyles, from loose curls to tight waves to sleek and straight looks. This versatility allows you to experiment with different styles and transform your hair for any occasion effortlessly.

Gentle on hair

Unlike traditional hair styling tools that rely on extreme heat to achieve the desired results, the Dyson Airwrap Complete Long is gentle on the hair. The Coanda effect technology minimizes heat damage by using a combination of air and controlled heat, ensuring that your hair stays healthy and protected. You can enjoy stunning hairstyles without compromising the health of your locks.


Another advantage of using the Dyson Airwrap Complete Long is its ability to save you time. The multiple attachments make it easy to switch between different styling options without having to use separate tools. Whether you want to curl, straighten, or add volume to your hair, the Airwrap can do it all in one device. This eliminates the need for multiple styling tools and streamlines your hairstyling routine, allowing you to achieve the desired look quickly and efficiently.

Professional results at home

With the Dyson Airwrap Complete Long, you can achieve professional-level results right in the comfort of your own home. The Coanda effect technology and intelligent heat control work together to create salon-quality styles that are long-lasting and flawless. You no longer have to rely solely on your hairstylist to get the perfect curls or waves; you can now achieve them effortlessly on your own.

Dyson Airwrap Complete Long Turkey

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How to Use the Dyson Airwrap Complete Long


Before using the Dyson Airwrap Complete Long, it is important to prepare your hair properly. Start by washing and conditioning your hair as usual, and make sure it is completely dry before styling. Additionally, it is recommended to apply a heat protectant product to minimize any potential damage from the styling process.

Step-by-step usage instructions

Using the Dyson Airwrap Complete Long is a straightforward process. Here are the step-by-step instructions to help you style your hair effectively:

  1. Choose the appropriate attachment for the desired style. The Airwrap comes with different barrels for various curl sizes, a smoothing brush for straightening, and a round volumizing brush for adding volume.
  2. Attach the selected barrel or brush to the Airwrap by aligning it with the barrel connector and pushing it until it clicks into place.
  3. Power on the Airwrap by pressing the power button located on the handle.
  4. Adjust the airflow and heat settings according to your hair’s needs. The Airwrap offers multiple settings to cater to different hair types and textures.
  5. Divide your hair into manageable sections, and begin styling from the bottom layers, moving your way up.
  6. Place the Airwrap close to the roots of the hair and let the Coanda effect draw the strands towards the barrel. Allow the hair to wrap around the barrel for a few seconds.
  7. Gently release the hair from the barrel and move on to the next section, repeating the process until all sections of hair are styled.
  8. Once you have achieved the desired style, let your hair cool down before doing any finishing touches.
  9. To remove the attachments, simply push the release buttons located near the barrel connector, and the attachment will detach from the Airwrap.
  10. Power off the Airwrap and allow it to cool down before storing it.

Tips and tricks

To get the most out of your Dyson Airwrap Complete Long, here are some additional tips and tricks:

  • Start with clean, dry hair for best results.
  • Apply a heat protectant product before styling to minimize heat damage.
  • Experiment with different attachments and techniques to achieve your desired style.
  • Allow the hair to cool completely before tousling or applying any finishing products to ensure long-lasting results.
  • Clean the attachments regularly to maintain optimal performance.

Comparison to Other Hair Styling Tools

Traditional curling iron

Compared to a traditional curling iron, the Dyson Airwrap Complete Long offers several advantages. Traditional curling irons rely on high heat exposure to curl the hair, which can lead to damage and breakage over time. In contrast, the Airwrap uses controlled heat and the Coanda effect to create curls without excessive heat damage. Additionally, the Airwrap offers a variety of attachments, allowing for more versatile styling options compared to a traditional curling iron.

Hair straighteners

When compared to hair straighteners, the Dyson Airwrap Complete Long provides a different function and styling options. Hair straighteners are primarily designed to straighten the hair, while the Airwrap is more geared towards curling, waving, and volumizing. However, the Airwrap does come with a smoothing brush attachment that can help create a sleek and straight look. Therefore, while the functions of the Airwrap and hair straighteners may overlap to some extent, they serve different purposes overall.

Hot rollers

Hot rollers offer a similar function to the Dyson Airwrap Complete Long in terms of curling the hair. However, hot rollers require the hair to be wrapped around the roller and secured with clips, which can be time-consuming and less intuitive than using the Airwrap. The Airwrap’s Coanda effect technology eliminates the need for clips and allows for a more effortless curling experience. Additionally, the Airwrap offers different barrel sizes, providing more versatility in terms of the curl sizes you can achieve.

Other similar products

While there may be other hair styling tools on the market that offer similar functionality to the Dyson Airwrap Complete Long, the Airwrap’s unique Coanda effect technology sets it apart. The ability to attract and wrap the hair around the barrel without manual effort or extreme heat makes the Airwrap a standout styling tool. Additionally, the Airwrap’s range of attachments, intelligent heat control, and professional results further differentiate it from other similar products.

Dyson Airwrap Complete Long Turkey

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Pricing and Availability


The Dyson Airwrap Complete Long is a high-end hair styling tool, and therefore, it comes with a higher price tag compared to other conventional styling tools. The cost of the Airwrap may vary depending on your location and any ongoing promotions or discounts being offered. However, it is important to consider the long-term value and benefits the Airwrap offers when making a purchasing decision.

Where to buy

The Dyson Airwrap Complete Long is available for purchase through various authorized retailers and online platforms. It is recommended to purchase the Airwrap from official Dyson retailers or the Dyson website to ensure the authenticity of the product and access to any warranty or customer support services.

Warranty information

The Dyson Airwrap Complete Long typically comes with a manufacturer’s warranty that covers any defects or malfunctions within a specified period. The warranty duration may vary depending on your location and the terms and conditions set forth by Dyson. It is important to review the warranty information provided with the product or contact Dyson directly for any warranty-related inquiries.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Positive feedback

Customers who have used the Dyson Airwrap Complete Long have expressed high levels of satisfaction with the product. Many have praised its versatility, ease of use, and the professional-quality results it delivers. Users have reported that the Airwrap not only styles their hair effortlessly but also leaves it looking and feeling healthier compared to other styling tools.

Negative feedback

While the Dyson Airwrap Complete Long has received overwhelmingly positive reviews, there have been a few negative feedback points raised by some customers. Some have found the learning curve to be slightly steep initially, especially when trying to master different attachment techniques. Additionally, a few users have mentioned that the Airwrap may not work as effectively on very long or thick hair, requiring additional time and effort to achieve desired results.

Overall rating

Considering both the positive and negative feedback, the Dyson Airwrap Complete Long has garnered a strong overall rating from customers. The majority of users have been highly satisfied with the device’s performance, styling capabilities, and overall quality. The Airwrap’s ability to produce salon-worthy results at home, its ease of use, and the protection it offers to the hair have contributed to its positive reception among customers.

Dyson Airwrap Complete Long Turkey


Can the Dyson Airwrap Complete Long be used on different hair types?

Yes, the Dyson Airwrap Complete Long is designed to be suitable for a range of hair types and textures. Whether you have straight, wavy, or curly hair, the Airwrap can help you achieve the desired style.

Is it safe to use on damaged or color-treated hair?

Yes, the Dyson Airwrap Complete Long is safe to use on damaged or color-treated hair. The controlled heat and Coanda effect technology minimize the risk of further damage and help protect the hair while styling.

Can it be used on wet hair?

It is not recommended to use the Dyson Airwrap Complete Long on wet hair. It is important to ensure that your hair is completely dry before styling to avoid potential damage.

How long does it take to style hair with the Dyson Airwrap?

The time it takes to style your hair with the Dyson Airwrap Complete Long may vary depending on factors such as hair length, thickness, and desired style. However, the Airwrap’s efficient airflow and styling process generally help save time compared to using multiple tools for different styling purposes.

Can it be used internationally with different voltage systems?

Dyson offers different versions of the Airwrap to cater to different voltage systems around the world. It is important to check the voltage compatibility when purchasing the Airwrap to ensure it can be safely used in your country or when traveling internationally.

Maintenance and Care

Cleaning the attachments

To maintain optimal performance, it is important to regularly clean the attachments of the Dyson Airwrap Complete Long. Remove the attachments from the device and gently wipe them with a clean, damp cloth. Take care to remove any hair or product build-up that may have accumulated on the attachments.

Storing the Dyson Airwrap Complete Long

After each use, it is recommended to store the Dyson Airwrap Complete Long in its original storage case or another suitable container. This helps protect the device and its attachments from damage and keeps them organized for easy access.

Replacing faulty parts

In the event that any parts or attachments of the Dyson Airwrap Complete Long become faulty, it is advisable to contact Dyson’s customer support or refer to the warranty information provided. Dyson may be able to provide assistance or facilitate the replacement of any faulty parts within the warranty period.

Dyson Airwrap Complete Long Turkey


Final thoughts on the Dyson Airwrap Complete Long

The Dyson Airwrap Complete Long is a game-changer in the world of hair styling. Its innovative Coanda effect technology, versatile attachments, and professional-level results make it a standout device. With the Airwrap, you can effortlessly achieve a wide range of beautiful hairstyles while minimizing heat damage and protecting the health of your hair. It offers convenience, efficiency, and salon-quality results, allowing you to confidently style your hair at home.

Is it worth the investment?

While the Dyson Airwrap Complete Long comes with a higher price tag compared to conventional styling tools, its exceptional performance and long-term benefits make it worth the investment for many individuals. The versatility, gentleness, and time-saving capabilities of the Airwrap, along with its ability to deliver professional results, make it a valuable addition to any hair care routine. If you are passionate about hairstyling and are looking for a tool that can elevate your styling experience, the Dyson Airwrap Complete Long is definitely worth considering.

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