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Dyson’s smart future revealed

In “Dyson’s smart future revealed,” you’ll hear from the visionary founder himself about the evolution of his business over the past three decades. From its origins as a mechanical company focused on physics, Dyson has transitioned into an innovative enterprise that combines software, cloud communication, and mobile devices to create products that go beyond mechanics. With a team of over 650 software developers and engineers, Dyson is pushing the boundaries of what is possible, embracing embedded software, app development, and cloud technology. During your visit to the top-secret Dyson Zone, you’ll gain insight into the cutting-edge future projects and technologies that will shape the next 15 years for the company. From connected purifiers that monitor air quality in real time to vacuum cleaners that count the dust particles they pick up, Dyson’s creations are revolutionizing the way we interact with everyday products. Prepare to be amazed by the limitless possibilities and exciting future that lies ahead for Dyson.

Dyson’s smart future revealed

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Introduction to Dyson’s transformation

Dyson, a renowned company known for its innovative products, has undergone a significant transformation in recent years. Initially focused on mechanical engineering and physics, Dyson has now shifted its focus to software and cloud communication. This shift has enabled them to create products that go beyond traditional mechanics and offer sophisticated features controlled by advanced software.

Shift from mechanical to software focus

While Dyson’s products have always been visually striking and technologically advanced, the control and monitoring systems of their latest technologies have taken them to a new level. The company has recognized the significance of software controls in allowing their products to perform complex functions. With the rapid advancements in technology, Dyson has embraced the sophistication of modern software and its role in transforming their products.

The role of software developers

To adapt to this software-focused approach, Dyson has significantly expanded its software development teams. Where there were only around 50 software developers a decade ago, the company now employs approximately 650 developers worldwide. This growth is a testament to the increasing importance of embedded software, which is crucial in every aspect of Dyson’s product functionality. Dyson also employs app developers and cloud developers to create the necessary software layers for their products.

Long-term outlook for the company

Dyson’s shift in focus has prompted a change in their long-term outlook. Previously, the company operated with a five-year vision, but they have now extended it to a 15-year outlook. This transformation allows them to invest in future projects and technologies that will shape the company’s direction until 2030. Some of these projects remain undisclosed, kept under tight security at their research center.

The importance of data

With the introduction of connected purifiers, Dyson has gained access to a massive amount of data. The hundreds of thousands of users who have these products provide valuable insights into air quality around the world. Dyson can collect and analyze this data, helping them understand global air quality trends and develop solutions to combat pollution. The scale of data interactions is immense, highlighting the significance of data in shaping Dyson’s smart future.

Monitoring air quality with connected purifiers

Dyson’s connected purifiers allow users to monitor the air quality of their homes in real-time. By connecting to a mobile device or computer, users can access data on air quality, enabling them to take proactive measures to ensure a clean and healthy environment. This feature is especially useful during pollution events like sandstorms or wildfires, where Dyson’s purifiers can alert users, providing them with important information to protect their health.

Impact of connected purifiers

With over 4 million connected purifiers in use around the world, Dyson has gained a unique perspective on global air quality. Utilizing the data collected from these purifiers, they can not only provide users with alerts and analysis but also contribute to the mapping of air quality worldwide. Dyson’s functionality in alerting users about pollution events sets them apart, making them the only company with this capability.

Tracking machine interactions

Dyson’s machines generate a vast amount of information and data, with 200 million requests and messages received in just 24 hours. These interactions provide valuable insights into product performance and user behavior. Dyson leverages this data to improve their products continually, enhancing their efficiency and ensuring optimal performance. By analyzing the data points, Dyson can gain valuable insights that drive future developments.

Connected health devices

In addition to air purifiers, Dyson has also developed connected health devices, such as the Dyson Zone. This wearable device allows users to monitor their well-being and understand how they are protecting themselves. By connecting the device to the user’s mobile device, Dyson provides a comprehensive and connected health solution. This connectivity is critical in helping users make informed decisions about their health and well-being.

The evolution of Dyson vacuum cleaners

Dyson revolutionized the vacuum cleaner industry when they launched their first vacuum cleaner in the early 1990s. Initially, the focus was on turning the motor on, but over the years, Dyson has continuously improved the performance and functionality of their vacuum cleaners. Now, their vacuum cleaners can provide information on battery life, power modes, filter maintenance, and even give real-time feedback on the particles being picked up during cleaning.

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Improving product performance and efficiency

Dyson’s commitment to innovation is evident in their pursuit of maximum performance and efficiency. By embedding sensors into their products, they can gather data that allows them to optimize performance and create more efficient products. This control, enabled by advanced software, takes the burden off the consumer, allowing Dyson products to operate autonomously. Furthermore, Dyson can improve and update the product’s performance even after it has been purchased, ensuring a seamless experience for the consumer.


Dyson’s transformation from a mechanical-focused company to a software-driven innovator has paved the way for an exciting future. By embracing software and cloud communication, Dyson has created products that push the boundaries of what is possible. Their commitment to engineering talent and their ambitious plans will continue to drive advancements in their products, benefitting both consumers and the business. With a focus on genuine benefits and continuous improvement, Dyson’s smart future holds great promise.

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