How Can I Tell Which Dyson Model I Have?

So you’ve got a Dyson vacuum cleaner, but you can’t seem to remember which model it is. Don’t worry, you’re not alone in this confusion. With a wide range of models and their subtle differences, it can be quite a challenge to determine which Dyson vacuum cleaner you own. But fear not, in this article, we’ll guide you through the various ways to identify your Dyson model, from checking the serial number to examining the design features. By the time you finish reading, you’ll have a clear picture of your trusty vacuum’s identity.


When it comes to vacuum cleaners, Dyson is renowned for its innovative designs, powerful suction, and superior cleaning capabilities. But what happens when you need to identify the specific model you own? Whether you’re looking for replacement parts, want to explore new cleaning attachments, or simply want to satisfy your curiosity, accurately identifying your Dyson model is essential. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of determining which Dyson model you have, covering various aspects from inspecting the body and cleaning attachments to reviewing power options and even exploring design and color variations. So let’s get started and unveil the mystery of your Dyson vacuum cleaner!

Checking the Body

Examining the Label

The first step in identifying your Dyson model is examining the label on the body of the vacuum cleaner. Look for a label sticker placed at a visible location, often on the back or base of the machine. This label typically includes important information such as the model number, serial number, manufacturing date, and other technical specifications. The model number is the key piece of information we’re looking for, as it will help determine which exact model you have.

Identifying Unique Features

In addition to the label, take some time to observe the unique features of your Dyson vacuum cleaner. Certain models may boast distinctive design elements or functional additions that can aid in identifying your model. Pay attention to the shape of the body, the positioning of the dust bin and attachments, and any specific aesthetics. Taking note of these unique features will narrow down the possibilities and make it easier to pinpoint your Dyson model.

How Can I Tell Which Dyson Model I Have?

Inspecting the Cleaning Attachments

Determining Compatibility

To further confirm the model of your Dyson vacuum cleaner, it’s essential to inspect the cleaning attachments that came with it. Different Dyson models often have specific attachments that are compatible solely with that particular model. Check for any unique attachments like crevice tools, upholstery brushes, or motorized brush heads. Comparing these attachments to the available options for various Dyson models will help you identify which specific model you have.

Noting Design Variations

Apart from functionality, Dyson also tends to introduce design variations in their cleaning attachments based on the model. For example, the color of the attachments might differ, or there might be subtle differences in the shape or size. By noting these design variations in your cleaning attachments, you can further narrow down the possibilities and determine your Dyson model with greater accuracy.

Exploring the Power and Settings

Reviewing the Control Panel

The control panel on your Dyson vacuum cleaner can provide valuable information about its model. Different models often have distinct control panels with varying buttons or switches for different cleaning modes or settings. Take a close look at your control panel and compare it to online resources or the Dyson website to determine which model’s control panel it matches. This will lead you closer to identifying your specific Dyson model.

Understanding Power Options

Aside from the control panel, familiarizing yourself with the power options available on your Dyson vacuum cleaner can also help in identification. Some models offer adjustable power settings, multiple cleaning modes, or specific features like a boost function for deep cleaning. Take note of the power options and compare them to the available information on different Dyson models. This will provide further clues to narrow down your search.

How Can I Tell Which Dyson Model I Have?

Reviewing the Suction and Filtration Systems

Analyzing Suction Power

One of the essential aspects of a Dyson vacuum cleaner is its suction power. Different Dyson models are equipped with various levels of suction power, depending on their intended use and performance. Take a moment to assess the suction power of your vacuum cleaner and compare it to the performance details provided by Dyson for their different models. By identifying the comparable suction power, you can eliminate models that don’t match your vacuum cleaner’s capabilities.

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Identifying Filtration Technology

Dyson is renowned for its advanced filtration systems, which contribute to cleaner air quality in your home. Each Dyson model normally incorporates a specific type of filtration technology. Take a look at the filtration system in your vacuum cleaner, noting any distinctive features like HEPA filters or cyclone technology. Comparing these features to the available information on different Dyson models will help in determining the specific model you own.

Assessing the Design and Color

Recognizing Different Models

Dyson frequently introduces updates, upgrades, and new releases of their vacuum cleaner models. These changes often involve variations in the design, body shape, and overall aesthetics of the machines. By recognizing the different models and familiarizing yourself with their design characteristics, you can narrow down your search by eliminating models that don’t match the design of your vacuum cleaner.

Noting Color Options

In addition to design variations, Dyson also offers various color options for their vacuum cleaners. Take note of the color of your Dyson machine, as this can provide important clues about its model. Some models may come in specific colors, while others offer a range of color options. By cross-referencing the color of your vacuum cleaner with online resources or Dyson’s official website, you can further refine your search and identify the correct model.

Researching Product Specifications

Checking the Product Manual

If you’re still unsure about the specific model of your Dyson vacuum cleaner, referring to the product manual is a great next step. The product manual typically includes detailed specifications, setup instructions, and other useful information about the machine. Look for the manual that came with your vacuum cleaner or search for a digital version online using the model number or serial number. The product manual can provide invaluable details for identifying your Dyson model.

Contacting Dyson Support

If you’re unable to find the necessary information through the other methods mentioned, reaching out to Dyson’s customer support can be a helpful resource. Dyson’s support team is well-equipped to assist customers in identifying their specific models based on provided information or by guiding you through the identification process. They can offer expert advice and potentially access additional resources to help you determine your Dyson model accurately.

Comparing with Online Resources

Using Online Model Identification Tools

Many online resources are available to help identify different Dyson models. These resources often include model identification tools where you can input various characteristics of your vacuum cleaner to receive a list of potential matches. Utilize these online tools by inputting information such as the model number, unique features, power options, or even uploading a photo. These tools can significantly narrow down the possibilities and guide you in identifying your specific Dyson model.

Browsing Dyson’s Official Website

Dyson’s official website serves as an excellent resource for identifying their vacuum cleaner models. Their website provides detailed information on each model, including specifications, features, and downloadable user manuals. Explore the website’s product section and compare the details and visuals of different models with your vacuum cleaner. By utilizing this comprehensive resource, you can confidently discern the exact Dyson model you own.

Consulting the Purchase Receipt

Locating Model Information on the Receipt

If you still have the purchase receipt for your Dyson vacuum cleaner, it can provide valuable information to identify the model. Review the receipt for any details related to the model, including the model number, description, or SKU. Retailers often include product information on the receipt itself or in the purchase records. Locate these details and compare them to online resources or reach out to Dyson or the retailer directly if further clarification is required.

Contacting the Retailer

If the purchase receipt doesn’t provide sufficient information, contacting the retailer from which you purchased the Dyson vacuum cleaner can be helpful. Provide them with any relevant details, such as the date of purchase, the store location, and any information you may have gathered from the previous steps. The retailer may have additional purchase records or access to product information that can assist in identifying the exact model you own.


Identifying your Dyson vacuum cleaner model can be an exciting and rewarding process. By examining the body, inspecting the cleaning attachments, reviewing the power and settings, assessing the suction and filtration systems, considering the design and color, researching product specifications, comparing with online resources, and consulting the purchase receipt, you can confidently determine which Dyson model you own. Armed with this knowledge, you can now explore and enjoy all the benefits and possibilities that your specific Dyson model offers. Happy cleaning!

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