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How To Clean Dyson V11 Animal

how to clean dyson v11 animal

The Dyson v11 Animal is one of the most powerful vacuum cleaners available, with six-stage filtration and an efficient in-line configuration. While the hand unit looks brittle and fragile, it is made of durable injection-moulded plastic. Its 70cm-long plastic suction tube is extremely tough and is the main difference between the VS11 Animal and the VS11 Absolute.

The v11 Animal weighs only 2.97kg, making it comfortable in the hand. The machine has three different power settings, including Eco and Boost, so you can choose whichever one is right for the type of floor you have. In Eco mode, the vacuum cleaner works at a slower speed, letting you use less power on carpets. Auto mode changes the speed of the main brush head based on the resistance it detects. Boost mode is the most powerful, unleashing 180 air-watts of suction.

The v11 Animal features a 0.76-litre dust collector. When the brush head encounters dirt or dust, the lid of the vacuum opens. Once the dirt has been ejected, the machine will switch to Eco mode to save battery life. In Boost mode, the power of the v11 Animal is increased to 180 air-watts, which means that it can effectively clean floors even with hard floor coverings.

The v11 Animal’s 1.6-litre dust collector holds up to 0.76 litres of debris. The motor rotates to keep the dust from accumulating. In Eco mode, the v11 Animal will clean carpets with less force than a manual vacuum cleaner. However, Boost mode unleashes the maximum power of the motor by using 180 air-watts. This mode is perfect for hard floors, and is also easy to store.

The v11 Animal’s 0.76-litre dust collector is particularly impressive. Its lid is automatically opened when the carpet matter is vacuumed. The lid will close once the vacuum is finished cleaning. When it is fully charged, the v11 Animal runs for hours. It also has a wall-mounted charging bay. The v11 Animal’s battery life is quite long, so it’s easy to store and use.

The v11 Animal’s battery life is excellent. Unlike many cordless vacs, the v11 Animal runs for a long time on a single charge. The vacuum’s wall-mounted charging bay makes it easy to store. As with any Dyson vacuum, it can be cleaned easily and is lightweight enough for most people to handle. If you have a dog or cat, it’s easy to remove pet hair and detritus, as well as the odor of the animal.

The v11 Animal is the most lightweight vacuum on the market, and it only weighs 2.97kg. It’s also more compact than most cordless vacs, and it can fit into most homes. Its three power modes let you choose the best mode for the situation. In the Eco mode, the main brush head cleans hard floors while the Auto mode automatically adjusts its speed as the carpet is swept.

The v11 Animal has a 0.76-litre dust collector, which is a big plus when cleaning carpets. It also has a built-in hard floor brush. As a result, it’s possible to clean the v11 Animal with a variety of carpet-cleaning options. And with a brushed-on motor, it can also clean furniture. And it doesn’t just clean floors, it can clean upholstery as well.

The v11 Animal’s 0.76-litre dust collection capacity is sufficient for the average carpet. Its 1.6-litre dust collector is also good for cleaning car seats, sofas, and dog beds. Aside from its small size, the v11 Animal can clean any surface, including hard floor surfaces, including carpets. The v11’s power settings are easy to adjust for different carpets, and the machine can clean almost any surface.

When I tried the v11’s cleaning features, I was not impressed. It did a good job of collecting pet hair, but left behind some Cheerios in its wake. The DYSON v11 had a limited battery life, so it was impossible to use it for long periods of time. When I tested it, I was able to use it for around 60 minutes on a full charge, but it didn’t last as long as the VS10 did. The vacuum’s battery had to be recharged after the second use. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to