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How to Get Dyson Airwrap Curls to Stay in

How to Get Dyson Airwrap Curls to Stay in
Now you can enjoy a salon-quality blowout style at home with the Dyson Airwrap, which dries and styles hair using air instead of hot irons.

The Airwrap styler utilizes the Coanda effect, which bends air to draw hair toward it and wrap it around the barrel for added volume and definition.

It comes with a range of attachments for different hair types, including two smoothing brushes, two barrels that curl in either direction and a round volumising brush.

1. Set the Curls with Cold Air
If your dyson airwrap curls aren’t staying put, there are a few tricks you can try. One of the most important is making sure your hair isn’t wet when styling; wet hair is much more prone to breakage than dry, so avoid using this styler on wet locks.

Another helpful tip is to use a brush to detangle any extra tangles and make your curls appear more defined. This will help ensure that your hair stays in place and looks better throughout the day, especially if you’re wearing it loose.

Additionally, adding some type of product to your hair can help extend the life of your style. This could include gel or volumizing spray.

Additionally, be sure to set your curls with cold air after they’ve been curled so they don’t fall out. This hack will help ensure your curls remain in longer and should be done every time you use a Dyson airwrap.

To maintain curls, it’s best to blast them with cold air after applying heat and leaving them sit for around 10 seconds. This will help your curls keep their shape and make maintaining them much simpler.

Additionally, when styling your hair with the Dyson airwrap, you should also use a curling spray. This helps strengthen and protect the curls while making them appear shinier.

Another helpful tip when styling with Dyson airwrap is to use a brush. This will help remove extra tangles and give your curls more definition, plus it helps ensure they stay in place throughout the day, especially if you wear it loose.

2. Brush Your Hair
The Dyson Airwrap is an innovative hair tool that can help you achieve salon-quality results at home. It utilizes air pressure technology to dry and style without using excessive heat, making it suitable for those with sensitive or damaged locks.

To maximize the performance of your Airwrap, it’s essential to use products and attachments tailored for your hair type. Additionally, try keeping 10% moisture in the midshaft and root areas; this will allow for better hold from the device.

Brushing your hair before curling it is an essential step that can ensure the style stays put. This works for any kind of hair, especially thick or curly varieties.

To maximize the performance of your Dyson Airwrap, it’s wise to brush your hair prior to curling it. You can do this with either a brush, wide-tooth comb, or attachments included with the tool.

Brushing your hair before curling it is the best way to create a more defined shape for your curls. Plus, it eliminates tangles and flyaways which may prevent your locks from looking their best.

Additionally, styling products that help your curls remain in place longer can be applied. These may include Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream or Ouai’s Hair Curl Creme as well as hairspray for extra hold and control.

3. Change Your Hairstyle
The Dyson Airwrap is the ultimate hair tool, capable of rough drying, curling, smoothing out flyaways and creating effortless blowouts with ease. As such, it has become a go-to in the beauty world thanks to TikTok and influencers who use it for amazing results.

The Airwrap’s standout feature is that it doesn’t use extreme heat to dry or style your tresses; instead, it relies on air jets for styling them. That being said, you should exercise caution when using it, particularly if you tend to get frizz and flyaways.

Jen Atkin, renowned celebrity hairstylist and founder of Ouai haircare, swears by the Airwrap for last minute styling needs. Here she shares her best advice for getting the most out of this multi-tasking device and maintaining those bouncy, blow dried curls for as long as possible.

To maximize the effectiveness of an Airwrap, Atkin suggests starting with damp hair and spraying it with a heat protectant before applying the Airwrap. Furthermore, remember that cold air works better for setting curls than hot!

She notes that while there are many hair tools available, the Dyson Airwrap is the premier option when it comes to creating beautiful curls. She explains how its curling barrels make for perfect waves in all directions – front and back of head included! To get these flattering tresses, use it on both front and back of your head!

The Airwrap may be the hottest hair tool on the market, but it’s not without its shortcomings. But if you’re willing to put in effort and dedication, you can make this popular tool a top contender on your list of favorites.

4. Use a Hairspray
Hairsprays are available that can help hold your curls in place. A dry product works best since it won’t weigh down your locks and will keep them healthy and strong.

Hairspray can also help you control how much hair sticks to Dyson Airwrap barrels. Apply it to a section of your hair, let it dry, then wrap your locks around the barrel for added control.

This will enable you to achieve a more defined style without compromising the health of your hair. It’s an ideal way to maximize the potential of your Dyson Airwrap.

The Dyson Airwrap is a revolutionary tool that lets you style and dry your hair without the use of intense heat from blow dryers or curling irons. It utilizes the Coanda effect, an aerodynamic phenomenon, to draw hair towards the barrel and create tension.

This device comes with attachments for various hairstyles, making it effortless to get the style you desire. Plus, its airflow dries and styles your locks simultaneously, saving time while minimizing damage.

To achieve a soft and smooth style, pre-dry your hair using one of the brush attachments. This will guarantee that your locks are at least 80% dry before beginning styling.

Once your hair is 80% dry, you can begin styling with Dyson Airwrap barrels. It’s wise to apply some heat protectant spray before beginning this step for extra protection.

Additionally, stretching your hair helps it become more flexible so it won’t break as easily. Finally, adding hairspray for additional hold when finishing off your look is a wise idea.

5. Pin Your Curls
To guarantee Dyson airwrap curls that stay in place, pin them. Although this tip may be a little challenging to follow, it will give you long-lasting, super-soft and bouncy curls that look amazing!

You can purchase pins to use with the Dyson Airwrap at a relatively low cost. But it’s essential that you get the correct pins because they will help maintain your style longer.

It’s essential to pin up your curls from the correct direction, so the ends face upwards. This will help them stay put and give off a neat appearance.

There are plenty of great tutorials online to assist you. My go-to is Alexis Hooper from YouTube who shows how to achieve a bouncy, blow dried curl look with curtain bangs using the Dyson Airwrap. She predries her hair and uses products like sea salt spray, Opalex No 6 Bond Smoother and hairspray for extra hold.

Another way to maintain your curls is by not brushing out the curls after they have been set. This is a common misstep people make when styling with the Dyson Airwrap; doing so can ruin the style and cause damage if fingers get caught in your ringlets after finishing styling them. To avoid this mistake, avoid touching up any exposed roots at this stage since this will alter their structure.

These tips will help you create the bouncy and long-lasting hairstyle!


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