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Is Dyson Airwrap Better For Your Hair Than Curling Iron?

If you’ve ever struggled to achieve that perfect, bouncy, and voluminous hairstyle without damaging your hair, then you’ll want to pay attention to this. The question on everyone’s mind is, “Is Dyson Airwrap better for your hair than a curling iron?” With its revolutionary technology and innovative design, the Dyson Airwrap has been hailed as a game-changer in the world of hairstyling. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of using the Dyson Airwrap and how it stacks up against the traditional curling iron. Brace yourself for some exciting insights that will leave you eager to try this magnificent tool.

What is Dyson Airwrap

The Dyson Airwrap is a revolutionary hair styling tool that uses air instead of extreme heat to curl, wave, and smooth your hair. It features a range of attachments that use the Coanda effect to attract and wrap hair around the barrel, creating beautiful curls and waves with minimal effort. The Dyson Airwrap also has adjustable heat and airflow settings, allowing you to customize the styling process to suit your hair type and desired look.

Description and features of Dyson Airwrap

The Dyson Airwrap comes with various interchangeable attachments, including barrels of different sizes, a smoothing brush, and a pre-styling dryer. These attachments give you the flexibility to create different hairstyles and experiment with different textures. The innovative Coanda effect technology creates a vortex that attracts and wraps the hair around the barrels, resulting in stunning curls that last.

The Dyson Airwrap’s adjustable heat and airflow settings provide precise control over the styling process. This allows you to reduce heat damage and minimize the risk of hair breakage or frizz. The tool also features a self-rotating barrel, which means you can achieve consistent curls without manually twisting your wrist, saving you time and effort.

Is Dyson Airwrap Better For Your Hair Than Curling Iron?

How Dyson Airwrap differs from a traditional curling iron

One of the main differences between the Dyson Airwrap and a traditional curling iron is the use of heat. While a curling iron relies on high temperatures to curl the hair, the Dyson Airwrap uses controlled heat and powerful airflow to style without extreme heat. This gentle approach minimizes the risk of heat damage and allows for safer and healthier styling.

Another significant difference is the technology behind the Dyson Airwrap. The Coanda effect technology in the Airwrap attracts and wraps the hair around the barrel, eliminating the need for clamping or twisting motions. This not only reduces the risk of hair breakage but also creates more natural-looking curls and waves.

The Dyson Airwrap also offers more versatility compared to a traditional curling iron. With its range of attachments, you can achieve different styles, from loose waves to tight curls, with just one tool. This versatility eliminates the need for multiple styling devices and makes the Airwrap a more compact and convenient option.

Benefits of Dyson Airwrap

Gentle on hair

One of the major advantages of the Dyson Airwrap is its gentle styling approach. With its controlled heat and powerful airflow, the Airwrap minimizes the risk of heat damage and protects the hair from excessive drying and frizz. This makes it a suitable option for those with fragile or damaged hair who still want to enjoy styled curls or waves without compromising the health and integrity of their hair.

Versatile styling options

The Dyson Airwrap’s range of attachments allows for versatile styling options. Whether you want loose beach waves, defined curls, or a sleek blowout, the Airwrap has a tool for every look. This versatility eliminates the need for multiple styling devices, saving you time, money, and storage space.

Reduced heat damage

Traditional curling irons often use high temperatures that can cause significant heat damage to the hair, leading to dryness, breakage, and split ends. The Dyson Airwrap’s controlled heat and airflow minimize the risk of heat-related damage, allowing you to style your hair without sacrificing its health and condition.


With its self-rotating barrel and efficient styling process, the Dyson Airwrap can help you achieve your desired hairstyle in less time. The tool does most of the work for you, reducing the need for manual twisting or clamping motions. This time-saving feature can be particularly beneficial for those with busy lifestyles or anyone who wants to cut down their hair styling routine.

Is Dyson Airwrap Better For Your Hair Than Curling Iron?

Drawbacks of Dyson Airwrap


One of the main drawbacks of the Dyson Airwrap is its price. Compared to traditional curling irons, the Airwrap’s price tag may be significantly higher, making it less accessible to some consumers. However, it’s essential to consider the long-term benefits and versatility the Airwrap offers when evaluating its cost.

Learning curve

While the Dyson Airwrap is designed to be user-friendly, it may have a slight learning curve for those accustomed to traditional curling irons. Getting used to the Coanda effect technology and adjusting to the different attachments may require some practice and experimentation. However, once you become familiar with the tool, it becomes intuitive and easy to use.

Limited curling options

Although the Dyson Airwrap offers various attachments for different styles, it may have limited options compared to traditional curling irons. Curling irons often come with a wider range of barrel sizes, allowing for more customization and flexibility in curling techniques. If you have specific curling preferences or enjoy experimenting with different curl types, a traditional curling iron may better suit your needs.

Advantages of a Curling Iron


One of the major advantages of a curling iron is its affordability. Curling irons are widely available in different price ranges, making them a budget-friendly option for those looking to achieve curls or waves without breaking the bank.

Wide range of curling options

Traditional curling irons offer a wide range of barrel sizes, allowing for versatile curling options. Whether you prefer tight ringlets or loose waves, there’s a curling iron barrel that can cater to your specific preferences. This flexibility makes curling irons a popular choice among hairstylists and individuals who enjoy experimenting with different curling techniques.

Familiar and easy to use

Curling irons have been a staple in the hair styling industry for decades, and their simplicity and ease of use contribute to their continued popularity. Many people are familiar with the traditional clamp and twist motion required to curl the hair with a curling iron, making it an accessible and straightforward styling tool.

Disadvantages of a Curling Iron

Potential heat damage

One of the main disadvantages of a curling iron is the potential for heat damage. Traditional curling irons can reach high temperatures, which, when used incorrectly or excessively, can cause hair damage, including dryness, breakage, and split ends. It is crucial to use heat protectant products and follow the recommended heat settings to minimize the risk of heat-related damage when using a curling iron.

Limited styling options

While curling irons offer a wide range of curling options, they may have limitations compared to the Dyson Airwrap. Curling irons usually specialize in creating curls and waves and may not offer additional styling options like smoothing or volumizing. If you’re looking for a versatile tool that can help you achieve multiple hairstyles, a curling iron may not provide the same level of versatility as the Dyson Airwrap.

Requires more time and effort

Using a curling iron may require more time and effort compared to the Dyson Airwrap. The manual twisting and clamping motions involved in curling the hair can be time-consuming, especially if you have long or thick hair. If you’re looking for a quicker and more efficient styling option, the Dyson Airwrap’s self-rotating barrel and advanced technology may be a better fit.

Performance Comparison

Heat distribution and damage

When it comes to heat distribution and the potential for heat damage, the Dyson Airwrap has a clear advantage over traditional curling irons. The Airwrap’s controlled heat and airflow minimize the risk of overheating the hair, reducing the chances of heat-related damage. Traditional curling irons, while effective in creating curls, can be more damaging to the hair due to their higher heat settings.

Long-lasting curls

Both the Dyson Airwrap and curling irons have the potential to create long-lasting curls. However, the Dyson Airwrap’s innovative technology and gentle approach may contribute to curls that hold better over time. The Coanda effect technology attracts and wraps the hair around the barrel, creating a more secure curl that lasts throughout the day.

Ease of use

The Dyson Airwrap’s unique technology and user-friendly design make it easy to use once you become familiar with the tool. The self-rotating barrel eliminates the need for manual twisting, saving you time and effort. Traditional curling irons, while straightforward in their operation, require manual dexterity and practice to achieve the desired results.

Expert Opinions

Hairstylists’ views on Dyson Airwrap

Many hairstylists have praised the Dyson Airwrap for its ability to style hair without extreme heat and reduce the risk of damage. They particularly appreciate its versatility and the range of attachments that allow for different styles and textures. Some hairstylists have also noted that while the Airwrap may have a learning curve, it is a worthwhile investment for its long-term benefits and reduced heat damage.

Hairstylists’ views on curling irons

Hairstylists recognize the affordability and wide range of curling options offered by traditional curling irons. They appreciate the versatility and customization options they provide, allowing them to achieve different looks for their clients. However, some hairstylists caution against using curling irons at high temperatures or for prolonged periods to prevent heat damage to the hair.

Customer Feedback

Satisfaction with Dyson Airwrap

Customers who have used the Dyson Airwrap have expressed high levels of satisfaction with its performance. Many appreciate the tool’s ability to create salon-quality curls and waves without excessive heat damage. The versatility and ease of use of the Airwrap have also been praised, with customers noting that it has simplified their hair styling routines and saved them time.

Satisfaction with curling irons

Customers who prefer traditional curling irons generally appreciate the wide range of options available and the affordability of these tools. They find them easy to use and appreciate the ability to create various curling styles. However, some customers have expressed concerns about the potential heat damage associated with curling irons.

Final Verdict: Which is Better?

Deciding whether the Dyson Airwrap or a curling iron is better for you depends on various factors, including your hair type, desired styles, budget, and personal preferences.

Factors to consider

Consider factors such as the condition of your hair, its sensitivity to heat, and any previous heat damage. If you have fragile or damaged hair, the Dyson Airwrap’s gentle styling approach may be a better choice to minimize the risk of further damage.

Additionally, consider your desired styling options. If you enjoy experimenting with different curl sizes and textures, a traditional curling iron with a range of barrels may offer more flexibility in achieving your preferred looks.

Personal preferences

Your personal preferences and comfort with using different styling tools should also be taken into account. If you’re willing to invest time in learning the Dyson Airwrap’s innovative technology and enjoy the convenience of an all-in-one styling tool, it may be the better option for you. However, if you prefer the familiarity and simplicity of a traditional curling iron, it may be the more suitable choice.


Both the Dyson Airwrap and traditional curling irons have their advantages and disadvantages. The Dyson Airwrap offers a gentler approach to hairstyling, with reduced heat damage and versatile styling options. Traditional curling irons, on the other hand, offer affordability, wide curling options, and ease of use.

Ultimately, the better choice between the Dyson Airwrap and a curling iron depends on your hair type, desired styles, and personal preferences. Consider your specific needs, budget, and the long-term benefits when making your decision. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to