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Is It Worth Getting A Dyson Airwrap?

Thinking of investing in a Dyson Airwrap? Wondering if it’s really worth the hype? Look no further! In this article, we’ll explore the pros and cons of the Dyson Airwrap, giving you all the information you need to make an informed decision. With its revolutionary technology and impressive reputation, the Dyson Airwrap promises to revolutionize your hairstyling routine. Discover if this high-end hair tool lives up to its price tag and whether it’s truly worth adding to your beauty arsenal.

What is the Dyson Airwrap?


The Dyson Airwrap is a revolutionary hair tool that combines the functions of a hairdryer, curling iron, and styler. It uses a unique technology called the Coanda effect to attract and wrap hair around the barrel, creating beautiful and long-lasting curls, waves, and smooth blowouts. The Airwrap is designed to simplify the hairstyling routine, giving you salon-quality results at home.


The Dyson Airwrap boasts a range of impressive features that make it stand out from other hair tools on the market. Firstly, it comes with multiple attachments, including different sized barrels, a smoothing brush, and a pre-styling dryer. These attachments can be easily interchanged, allowing you to achieve various looks with one tool.

Another notable feature is the intelligent heat control system. The Airwrap measures the temperature of the airflow over 40 times per second, ensuring that it never gets too hot and minimizes the risk of heat damage to your hair.

Additionally, the Airwrap has a powerful motor that creates a high-velocity jet of air, helping to style your hair faster and more efficiently. It also has a cool shot button to set your style in place and give it a long-lasting hold.


Using the Dyson Airwrap is remarkably straightforward. Simply place a section of your damp or dry hair near the attachment of your choice, and the Airwrap will automatically attract and wrap the hair around the barrel. Hold for a few seconds, then release to reveal beautiful curls or waves. For straightening or smoothing, use the smoothing brush attachment along with the pre-styling dryer to achieve sleek and silky results.

Pros of the Dyson Airwrap


One of the greatest advantages of the Dyson Airwrap is its versatility. With the different attachments, you can create a variety of hairstyles, from loose beachy waves to voluminous curls to sleek and straight looks. This versatility eliminates the need for multiple styling tools, saving you time, money, and valuable storage space.


The Dyson Airwrap can significantly cut down on your styling time. The high-velocity air, combined with the Coanda effect, allows the hair to dry and style simultaneously, resulting in a faster overall process. Whether you have thick, long hair or shorter, thinner hair, the Airwrap can help you achieve your desired look in a fraction of the time it would take with traditional styling methods.

Gentle on the hair

Unlike traditional curling irons or hot rollers, the Dyson Airwrap is designed to be gentle on your hair. The intelligent heat control system ensures that the temperature remains consistent, reducing the risk of heat damage. The Coanda effect also prevents hair from getting tangled or snagged, minimizing the chances of breakage or split ends. This makes the Airwrap a great option for those with delicate or damaged hair.

Various styling options

With the Dyson Airwrap, you have endless possibilities when it comes to styling. Whether you want voluminous curls, bouncy waves, or a sleek blowout, this tool can help you achieve it all. The range of attachments and the ability to control the airflow allow for ultimate customization, giving you the freedom to experiment and create your own unique looks.

Is It Worth Getting A Dyson Airwrap?

Cons of the Dyson Airwrap

High price

One of the main drawbacks of the Dyson Airwrap is its high price tag. Compared to more traditional hair tools, such as curling irons or blow dryers, the Airwrap is significantly more expensive. This higher cost may deter some potential buyers, especially those who are on a tight budget or don’t style their hair frequently enough to justify the investment.

Learning curve

While the Dyson Airwrap is designed to be user-friendly, there is still a learning curve associated with mastering its techniques. Achieving the perfect curl or wave may take some practice, and it can be frustrating for those who are accustomed to more traditional styling tools. Understanding the correct technique and finding the right attachments for your hair type may require some experimentation and patience.

Limited availability

Another potential drawback of the Dyson Airwrap is its limited availability. Since its launch, the Airwrap has been in high demand, and it can be challenging to find in stock. This limited availability can be frustrating for those who are eager to purchase the tool and may lead to longer wait times or inflated prices from third-party sellers.

Comparison with other hair tools

Traditional blow dryers

Compared to traditional blow dryers, the Dyson Airwrap offers several advantages. While blow dryers can help dry the hair quickly, they often lack the ability to create long-lasting curls or waves. The Airwrap, on the other hand, combines the power of a dryer with the styling capabilities of a curling iron, allowing you to achieve both drying and styling in one step. Additionally, the Airwrap’s intelligent heat control system makes it gentler on the hair compared to the potentially high heat produced by some blow dryers.

Curling irons and wands

Curling irons and wands are popular choices for creating curls or waves, but they require a certain level of skill to use effectively. The Dyson Airwrap simplifies the process by attracting and wrapping the hair for you, minimizing the risk of burns or tangles. The Airwrap also offers a more diverse range of styling options with its various attachments, allowing you to experiment with different barrel sizes and achieve different types of curls.

Hot rollers

Hot rollers are often used to add volume and curl to the hair, but they can be time-consuming to set and require you to wait for the rollers to cool before removing them. The Dyson Airwrap offers a faster alternative, as it combines the drying and styling process into one step. Additionally, the Airwrap’s ability to attract and wrap the hair provides a more consistent and controlled styling experience compared to hot rollers.

Is It Worth Getting A Dyson Airwrap?

User reviews and experiences

Positive reviews

Many users rave about the Dyson Airwrap and its ability to create salon-quality results at home. They appreciate the versatility of the attachments, allowing them to achieve a range of styles with ease. Users also praise the Airwrap for its time-saving capabilities, as it cuts down on drying and styling time.

Negative reviews

Some users have expressed frustration with the learning curve associated with using the Dyson Airwrap. They found it difficult to achieve the desired results at first and felt that it took some time to get the hang of the technique. There have also been reports of the Airwrap not working as effectively for certain hair types or lengths.

Personal experiences

Individual experiences with the Dyson Airwrap can vary based on individual hair type, skill level, and styling preferences. While some may find it to be a game-changer and worth the investment, others may not see the same results or feel that the price is justified. It’s essential to consider your own specific needs and expectations before making a purchasing decision.

Tips for using the Dyson Airwrap

Prepping your hair

To achieve the best results with the Dyson Airwrap, it is important to properly prep your hair. Make sure your hair is clean, dry, and free from any tangles or knots. Applying a heat protectant spray before styling can also help to minimize heat damage and keep your hair healthy.

Using the correct attachments

The Dyson Airwrap comes with a range of attachments, each designed for a specific styling purpose. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the different attachments and use the ones that are most suitable for your desired hairstyle. The larger barrels are ideal for creating loose curls or waves, while the smaller barrels can achieve tighter, more defined curls.

Controlling the airflow

The Airwrap offers adjustable airflow settings, allowing you to customize the styling process to your preferences. Experiment with different airflow intensities to find what works best for your hair type and desired style. Using a higher airflow setting can help to dry the hair faster, while a lower setting can create more defined curls.

Maintenance and care

Cleaning the attachments

To maintain the performance of your Dyson Airwrap, it is essential to regularly clean the attachments. Simply wipe them down with a damp cloth after use to remove any product buildup or debris. It is also recommended to remove and rinse the filter regularly to prevent clogs and maintain optimal airflow.

Storing the Dyson Airwrap

Proper storage is important to ensure the longevity of your Dyson Airwrap. The tool comes with a storage case that keeps all the attachments organized and protected. Make sure to store the Airwrap in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent any damage.

Is the Dyson Airwrap worth the investment?

Budget considerations

The Dyson Airwrap is undeniably a premium hair tool with a higher price point compared to other options on the market. If budget is a significant factor for you, it’s important to assess whether the features and benefits of the Airwrap justify the investment. Consider how often you style your hair and whether the time-saving and versatility aspects of the Airwrap would make it worth the cost.

Frequency of use

If you style your hair frequently or you enjoy experimenting with different looks, the Dyson Airwrap may be a worthwhile investment. Its ability to create a variety of styles with ease can save you time and provide you with salon-quality results at home. However, if you rarely style your hair or prefer a more straightforward routine, the Airwrap may not be necessary for you.

Hair type and styling preferences

The effectiveness of the Dyson Airwrap can vary depending on your individual hair type and styling preferences. Those with fine or damaged hair may find the gentleness and controlled heat of the Airwrap appealing. However, individuals with very thick or coarse hair may find that the Airwrap doesn’t have the same level of effectiveness as more traditional hair tools. Additionally, if you have very specific styling preferences that the Airwrap may not be able to achieve, it’s worth considering whether it would fully meet your needs.

Where to buy the Dyson Airwrap

Directly from Dyson

The Dyson Airwrap can be purchased directly from the official Dyson website. Buying from the manufacturer ensures that you are getting a genuine product and gives you access to any warranty or customer support that may be offered. It’s worth checking the website frequently for availability, as the Airwrap tends to sell out quickly.

Authorized retailers

Besides the Dyson website, the Airwrap is also available for purchase from authorized retailers, both online and in-store. These retailers may offer additional incentives or promotions, so it’s worth comparing prices and checking for any deals before making a purchase.

Second-hand options

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, you may consider buying a used Dyson Airwrap. Second-hand options can often be found on resale websites or in local beauty groups. However, it’s important to exercise caution when buying second-hand to ensure that you are getting a genuine product and that it is in good condition.


In conclusion, the Dyson Airwrap is a game-changing hair tool that offers versatility, time-saving benefits, and gentle styling options. While it comes with a higher price tag and a learning curve, it can be worth the investment for those who frequently style their hair and desire salon-quality results at home. Additionally, factors such as hair type, styling preferences, and budget should be considered when deciding if the Airwrap is the right choice for you. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to