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The Dyson Lightcycle Morph Brass Floor Lamp

Dyson has always been known for their creative products. Now they have done it again with the lightcycle morph brass floor lamp which adapts and transforms with your mood, activities and environment.

This lamp utilizes intelligently controlled LEDs to adjust brightness and color temperature according to ambient daylight anywhere on earth. Additionally, it adjusts according to your age, task, and time of day.

Product Description

If you’re searching for a versatile light that can adapt and accommodate to the way you work, live, and relax throughout your day, the Dyson lightcycle morph brass floor lamp is an ideal option. It features intelligently-controlled LEDs which adjust brightness and color temperature in accordance with local daylight levels so you always get just the right illumination conditions no matter when it is.

It also features a motion sensor that activates the lamp when it detects movement, and an ambient light sensor which turns on the lamp when you sit in front of it. You can use Dyson link app to remotely control and customize settings for your needs.

You have four preset modes to choose from, such as study mode which limits blue light exposure at night; precision mode for more natural illumination; relax mode for a soft yet efficient glow when reading at night; and wakeup mode which gradually brightens in the morning. Furthermore, you can customize lighting by altering white to yellow balance and brightness levels.

This lamp boasts an array of smart features, such as a motion sensor that turns on automatically when you move it by your side or sit in front of it, an ambient light sensor which detects when near the lamp and changes its brightness accordingly, and a heat pipe to protect LED lights from overheating. All these can be controlled remotely either with an app or remote – perfect for using anywhere in your home!

In addition to these impressive features, the Dyson lightcycle morph brass floor also comes with a 1.5A-5V USB-C port on its stem for charging smartphones or other devices. This is an especially remarkable innovation since it’s the first ever smart LED floor lamp that charges phones without needing an external power cable or open wall outlet!

It’s an interesting design, a bit different than traditional desk lamps we’ve seen on the market. For example, both arms and stands can swivel and interlock smoothly thanks to well-oiled axes and pulley-like attachments in their joints. Overall, it provides more reach than its predecessor’s Lightcycle model without compromising durability or satisfaction.

Product Features

Dyson has long been renowned for their stunning home appliances. The lightcycle morph brass floor lamp lives up to this reputation with its stunning look and durable heat pipe technology that will last a lifetime.

It is an incredibly versatile lamp. You can use it as a task lamp for studying or writing, with light shining down through its stem in diffused illumination that spreads throughout the room. Plus, you can swivel it to focus the beam of illumination on an object of interest.

The lamp can be controlled using a smartphone app and there are multiple preset settings available. You can program it to turn on or off at certain times of day, brighten gradually or go into reduced mode when you need to sleep.

One of the major features that sets this lamp apart from others is its ability to adjust color temperature and brightness based on local daylight. This enables it to accurately replicate natural lighting changes, providing appropriate illumination no matter where you are or how much sun there is available.

The Dyson Link app offers four light modes – indirect, task, feature and ambient – which you can customize according to your needs and tastes. Plus, you can program it to adjust brightness based on age so as to reduce eye strain.

This lamp also has a motion sensor, which automatically switches it off when you leave the room. This saves you from having to constantly turn it on and off when returning – an incredibly clever idea!

One major advantage of the Lightcycle Morph is its intelligent algorithm which automatically tracks your local daylight and adjusts its output to reflect it. This is ideal for those of us who work from home in areas where sunlight may not always be guaranteed.

The light also offers additional controls, such as slide touch control to adjust LED intensity and whiteness. Furthermore, an app can be used to assign names and presets to different light modes.

Product Specifications

The Dyson lightcycle morph brass floor lamp is the latest addition to their line of smart desk lamps designed with convenience in mind. Designed with age-adjustable lighting to reduce eye strain and automatic switchon based on location, this lamp helps support how you live, work and relax throughout the day.

With its 3-Point Revolve motion, you can position its optical head to provide focused task light for reading or studying, dramatic feature lighting for art or decor, and versatile indirect light to soften the background. When docked into its stem, you’ll also enjoy a comforting ambient glow with reduced blue light to help you relax.

The Morph brass floor lamp, reinterpreted from the Dyson Lightcycle that was previously only available in black and silver, offers various lighting options. When facing down, it functions as a standard task lamp to reduce eye strain; however, when you swing the arm over its perforated aluminum-polycarbonate composite stem and dock the head, you are transformed into an inviting candlelight effect.

This lamp’s customizable LED lighting can be adjusted according to your preferences, even adjusted according to the time of day. Perfect for any home office, you can use it as a morning task lamp for focus or switch it on for some relaxing orange glow in the evenings.

The Dyson Link app allows you to sync your lamp with your schedule and time zones. It also enables you to adjust color temperature and brightness according to preferences, plus set it to automatically turn on based on its location.

Another useful feature is Age Adjust mode, which increases light output by 10% each year as you age. If you’re a senior who spends most of their time online or watching television, having this feature can reduce strain on the eyes and make it easier to see clearly.

Product Conclusions

The Dyson lightcycle morph brass floor lamp is an eye-catching, well-engineered piece of kit. With its 125cm diameter perforated aluminum-polycarbonate composite stem that rotates on an elbow and head axis, and patented “heat pipe” technology that cools LEDs to prevent fading or discoloring, plus other useful features like USB-C port and touch controls, you’ll have plenty of control options over color temperature, hue, brightness via the app. Plus it has some telecommunications-inspired smart home tricks too – motion sensor and voice commands for light activation! All in all, this floor lamp offers great aesthetic value at a great price point!

The best part? You get to keep it as your prized possession!

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