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Why is My Dyson Airwrap Flashing White?

If your Dyson Airwrap isn’t working, the first thing to check is its power supply. This includes checking the cord and plug that connects it to a wall socket.

These elements may have been damaged or tripped, preventing your device from providing power. To resolve the issue, replace both damaged cord and plug with new ones.


If you own a Dyson Airwrap, you may notice its LED light flashing white from time to time. This is normal and usually causes no concern; however, it could occur if there’s an issue with either your device or battery.

When the white light flashes on your Dyson Airwrap, it indicates that the filter needs cleaning. Do this regularly to guarantee your Dyson Airwrap continues working optimally.

To clean the filter on your appliance, start by taking off the grille from the back and exposing its metallic gray part to a clean surface. Alternatively, you can use a brush to scrape away debris from the filter grid.

Next, thoroughly wash the metal gray part with warm water and shake it vigorously to remove moisture. Allow it to air dry completely before replacing it, taking special care to clip it securely in place.

You should also unplug the Airwrap to allow it to cool down. Doing this helps avoid overheating, which may cause other issues with the device.

Another way to prevent your Dyson Airwrap from getting too warm is to use its cold shot button, located on the back of the handle.

Be sure to turn off the cold shot button when not in use so your Dyson Airwrap does not overheat and shut down unexpectedly.

Once your Dyson Airwrap has cooled, remove the filter grille from the appliance and replace it with a fresh one. Utilizing the brush provided, clean the mesh in rotational movements from bottom to top of grille.

This should help prevent the white LED light from blinking continuously. Furthermore, improved airflow from the dryer should result.

Your Dyson Airwrap may be flashing white due to a filter that has become clogged with hair products, dust or other residues. Over time this can lead to the filter not being able to keep up with airflow demands. In order to resolve this issue and prevent your Dyson Airwrap from overheating, clean the filter regularly.


The Dyson Airwrap is an amazing styling tool that can create full, curly locks without using extreme heat. It works by using an aerodynamic principle known as the Coanda effect to shape air into curls and waves before wrapping hair around its barrel.

Your hair will be dry from root to tip in minutes, without the need for harsh heat. However, if the air ducts and filter become clogged with dirt and debris, your Dyson Airwrap may overheat and flash white.

You should clean your Dyson Airwrap filter at least once a week to prevent this from occurring. You can do this using either the brush provided with your device or a soft, lint-free microfiber cloth.

Once the filter is clean, the light should no longer flash white. If it still does, you may need to clean both the cage and mesh of the filter.

The filter cage and mesh are essential elements of the Dyson Airwrap’s operation, as they trap dust from the air before it enters the unit and help ensure that air ducts run efficiently for optimal efficiency.

If your Dyson Airwrap begins to flash white and you’re not sure why, the first thing you should check is its power supply. This includes checking its circuit breaker and wall sockets.

Another possible issue is if the battery has stopped functioning or isn’t charging correctly. This could occur if it has been damaged due to improper handling.

If your device needs repair, it’s essential to contact the manufacturer for support. They can offer the most suitable solution.

The second thing to check is your Dyson Airwrap’s voltage settings. If it is set incorrectly, it will shut off automatically when exposed to excessive heat.

Fortunately, remedying this problem is quite straightforward. All that needs to be done is unplug your Dyson Airwrap and wait a few minutes for it to cool down, then plugging it back in is all that is left.

Inlet ducts

If your Dyson Airwrap still flashes white after cleaning and inspecting it, there could be an issue with one of its components. Most likely, this is related to either its air ducts or filters.

A clogged air filter can restrict critical airflow, leading to overheating in your device and possibly activating a thermal cutoff. This safety measure will shut the device down if temperatures rise dangerously close to those which could damage hair or start a fire.

For the Airwrap to work optimally, there must be clear airflow throughout its inlet ducts and motor. This can be ensured by cleaning any dust or dirt out of the filter and making sure nothing is blocking either the inlet ducts or motor.

To achieve this effect, the Airwrap utilizes a high-pressure motor that creates the Coanda effect – an aerodynamic phenomenon caused when air passes through set of aerodynamic vents and pulls your hair around a barrel for curls.

The Coanda effect is ideal because it doesn’t involve extreme heat that could damage your hair and lead to breakage. Instead, it utilizes the power of a fast-acting high-pressure motor to create an intense vortex of warm air that automatically wraps your locks into desired styles.

This technology is the result of Dyson engineers from around the world collaborating in their laboratories to design a faster, more versatile and user-friendly styler. By employing lean machine design techniques, they were able to develop an energy efficient tool that reduces reliance on materials like steel.

They used advanced simulation to create each attachment with precision and speed, creating a tool with many styling options that was better for the environment than its predecessor.

The Airwrap uses airflow to generate impressive amounts of aeration, making it the most eco-friendly machine you can buy. Plus, its Coanda effect lets you style your hair from damp (80% dry) without needing extreme heat. Those with long or thick hair who find traditional tools such as curling irons and blow dryers difficult to manage will find the Airwrap an ideal solution.


If your Dyson Airwrap is flashing white, it indicates that its filter needs cleaning. This maintenance task should be performed at least once a week to keep your Airwrap running optimally.

Clogged filters can cause your Dyson Airwrap to overheat and shut off. To avoid this from occurring, make sure your filter is free of dust and dirt regularly.

Once you’ve cleaned your filter, your Dyson Airwrap should stop flashing white and begin working normally again. This maintenance step helps keep your Airwrap in great condition so you can continue enjoying all its styling advantages for many years to come.

To clean your Dyson Airwrap filter, unplug it and take the filter grid from its base. Next, wash the cage under warm water and shake to eliminate any water or debris present. Finally, wipe down with a dry lint-free cloth or brush.

After cleaning the filter, allow it to air dry before placing it back in your Dyson Airwrap. If the red light continues flashing after this procedure, there may be another issue with your machine; if you can’t troubleshoot the issue yourself, contact a professional for assistance.

One of the primary causes of your Airwrap overheating is using it for longer than its two-minute maximum runtime. Additionally, an obstruction in either of its air intake or outlet ports can prevent heat exchange and lead to overheating.

One common reason your Airwrap may overheat is if it is used with incorrect attachments or settings. To guarantee safe operation of your Airwrap, ensure all attachments and settings are securely attached before turning it on.

Your Airwrap can become overheated if left unused in an area without adequate ventilation. To prevent this from occurring, always store it in a ventilated space and give the device some time to cool down after each use.

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